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MOU Signing

KSD signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with 30 institutions of 22 countries in order to promote cooperation and exchange of information.

Date, Institution, Country
Date Institution Country
'00.03.30 TDCC (Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation) Taiwan
'01.07.27 JSCC (Japan Securities Clearing Corporation) Japan
'02.05.16 UzCSD (State Central Securities Depository of Uzbekistan) Uzbekistan
'02.11.01 CSDC (China Securities Depository & Clearing Corporation) China
'03.11.11 Museum Wertpapierwelt Switzerland
'05.02.21 JASDEC (Japan Securities Depository Center) Japan
'05.06.27 SET (Securities Exchange of Thailand) Thailand
'05.06.27 TSD (Thailand Securities Depository) Thailand
'05.08.19 KPEI (Indonesian Clearing & Guarantee Corporation) Indonesia
'06.11.24 VSD (Vietnam Securities Depository) Vietnam
'07.11.07 CDSL (Central Depository of Securities India) India
'07.11.12 TSD (Thailand Securities Depository) Thailand
'08.10.02 KACD (Central Securities Depository of Kazakhstan) Kazakhstan
'08.11.10 CDC Pakistan (Central Depository Company of Pakistan) Pakistan
'09.06.02 Euroclear Belgium
'10.10.22 Takasbank (ISE Settlement & Custody Bank) Turkey
'10.10.22 CRA (Central Registry Agency) Turkey
'11.04.01 NDC (National Depository Center of Azerbaijan) Azerbaijan
'12.03.20 KSEI (Indonesian Central Securities Depository) Indonesia
'12.05.02 NSD (National Settlement Depository) Russia
'12.05.30 CCDC (China Central Depository & Clearing) China
'12.09.20 KPEI (Indonesian Clearing & Guarantee Corp.) Indonesia
'13.03.13 Central Bank of Armenia Armenia
'13.03.14 TDCC (Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation) Taiwan
'13.09.16 CSDI (Central Securities Depository of Iran) Iran
'13.11.29 Clearstream Luxembourg
'14.07.04 BOC (Bank of China) China
'14.09.16 DFM (Dubai Financial Market) UAE
'14.09.22 KSEI (Indonesian Central Securities Depository) Indonesia
'14.10.17 BOCOM (Bank of Communications) China
'14.11.17 World Bank USA
'15.06.20 CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) China
'16.09.09 GCSD (Georgian Central Securities Depository) Georgia
'17.07.17 MCSD (Mongolian Central Securities Depository) Mongolia