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Value-added Services


FundNet's scope goes beyond its core services. A wide range of value-added services are developed continuously to meet diverse market needs, support government policy changes, and keep pace with the globalization of the fund industry.

Core services and Development of Value-added Services

  • - There were just five core services of FundNet(Fund subscription & redemption, Integrated trade matching, Management instruction delivery, Securities settlement, and Fund ledger management) in 2004.
  • - To keep pace with the policy change, market needs and globalization, the following value-added services have been provided from 2007 to 2014.
    1. 1. Distributor transferring service(because of the policy change) and fund report management service(because of the market needs)
    2. 2. Managed asset platform for individual investors(because of the policy change)
    3. 3. Overseas securities trade matching service(because of the globalization)
    4. 4. Hedge Fund post-trade service(because of the policy change)
    5. 5. Discretionary investment post-trade service(because of the market needs)
    6. 6. Offshore fund service platform(because of the globalization)
    7. 7. Fund portfolio matching service(because of the market needs) and voting supporting service(because of the policy change)
  • Distributor Transferring Service:

    Shifting of investors between fund distributors to allow fund investors to change their distributors without fee burdens

  • Fund Report Management Service:

    Consolidated service of scheduling, registration, printing and mailing of asset management and custody reports

  • Managed Asset Platform:

    Trade matching and account management between investment advisors and brokers for discretionary investment assets of retail investors

  • Discretionary Investment Post-trade Service:

    Trade matching and management instruction delivery for discretionary investment managers and their clients (institutional investors)

  • Overseas Securities Trade Matching Service:

    Trade matching and management instruction delivery for overseas assets of domestic funds through a linkage with Omgeo

  • Offshore Fund Service Platform:

    Trade matching, management instruction delivery and asset management for the domestic distribution of foreign funds via linkages with Euroclear and Clearstream

  • Hedge Fund Post-trade Service:

    Trade matching, management instruction delivery, DVP settlement and fund ledger management for hedge funds

  • Fund Portfolio Matching Service:

    Reconciliation of fund portfolio balances between the asset manager(fund administrator) and trustee

  • Voting Supporting Service:

    Providing shareholder meeting information and resolution analysis reports, electronic voting, and disclosure agent services to help asset managers exercise voting rights