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Overseas Business

KSD actively interacts with foreign central securities depositories and promotes diversified overseas business to realize a regional standard model through the export of the deposit and settlement system, and setting up Regional Settlement Intermediary (RSI).

Export of the deposit and settlement system

KSD continues to do the following business to spread the know-how about the management of the deposit and settlement system in Korea to the developing countries such as those belonging to ASEAN and Commonwealth of Independent States.

  • Exporting of the knowhow, and system of the deposit and settlement to the developing countries
  • Supporting to make a design for the deposit and settlement system through sending experts and hosting invitational workshop for financial workers from the developing countries.
  • KSD has been working together with domestic and foreign organizations for cooperation and development such as Asian Development Bank, World Bank, and Multilateral Development Bank.
  • Information and personal exchange, and mutual cooperation are possible through completion of MOU between foreign central securities depositories and KSD.

The project results

The project results : 2005.06~2006.03/2014.01~2015.07/2012.12~2015.10/2015.06
2005.06~2006.03 2014.01~2015.07 2012.12~2015.10 2015.06
KSD set up the system of securities lending & borrowing (SLB) and Repo transaction in Thailand. (Thailand Securities Depository(TSD) KSD offered consulting service for the system of securities lending & borrowing (SLB) and Repo in Indonesia.(KPEI & KSEI) KSD did technical consulting for building KSEI's next generation system(C-BEST NXG) KSD entered into the contract of development of Indonesia's new fund system. (KSEI)

Setting up Cross-border Settlement Infrastructure (CSI)

Asian Bond Market Initiative (ABMI), which is a cooperation to develop the Bond Market in Asia, has promoted building CSI.

The project results : 2005.06~2006.03/2014.01~2015.07/2012.12~2015.10/2015.06
The promotion details
KSD takes part in Asean+3 Bond Market Forum (ABMF) to build the most optimized CSI. KSD shares the information of Repo and secured transactions within Asian countries. KSD fosters integrated bond market among countries and contributes to building infrastructure for bond market through participating in ABMF. KSD provides updates of Korean bond market regularly.

KSD will endeavor to revitalize bond transactions among ASEAN+3 countries and enhance cost effectiveness in order to build optimized CSI by joint working directly connected with Asian CSDs.

Foreign exchange and international cooperation

  • International cooperation and overseas promotion
    • Mutual cooperation and interchange activities with foreign Central Securities Depository (CSD) and International Central Securities Depository (ICSD)
    • Currently (in May, 2015), KSD signed 39 MOUs with deposit and settlement institutions and securities-related institutions of 19 countries such as World Bank, Depository Trust Clearing Corporation(DTCC), and Japan Securities Depository Center (JASDEC).
    • KSD did various promotional activities which are to issue promotional materials such as English annual report and newsletters (4 times in a year) and managing the English website.
  • Hosting and attending international conferences
    • KSD hosts and attends international conferences related to management of the deposit and settlement system to enhance its world's leading status as a deposit and settlement company in the Asia-pacific region.
    • KSD successfully hosted the international conferences five times which were ACG general meeting (in 2000 and 2011), ACG Cross-Training Seminar (in 2003), ISSA regional meeting (in 2005), and global conference of CSD (in 2007).
    • KSD took part in various international conferences which are ACG general meeting, ACSDA, global conference of CSD, SIBOS, AECSD, etc.
  • Operating a branch office in Hong Kong
    • KSD supports works related to cross-border securities transactions for both domestic and foreign investors. The works are deposit and settlement of foreign securities, securities lending & borrowing, KDR, foreign securities, etc. Also, KSD have done global marketing and research on the capital markets in Hong Kong and China.