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Securities Information Portal(SEIBro)

SEIBro was launched on April 25th, 2013 with the aim to protect investors and advance the capital market by resolving securities information asymmetry. SEIbro leverages the wide range of securities information held by KSD, as well using information from external information providers, to offer comprehensive securities information.

SEIBro access and contents

  • Anyone can use and view SEIBro through its website ( without registration or membership.
SEIBro Content : Company , Stocks, Bonds, Short-term financial securities, Funds, ETFs, Derivatives-linked securities, Securities lending & borrowing(SLB), Repo and International transactions
SEIBro Content
Company Stocks Bonds Short-term financial securities Funds
One-stop information on equity securities and debt securities of 4,000 companies Deposit, withdrawal, book-entry transfer and transaction volumes of listed and (deposit-eligible) unlisted stocks Full life cycle information on bonds from issuance to maturity Outstanding volume, maturity volume, and average interest rate of short-term securities by issuer Product information and return rate comparison of investment funds
ETFs Derivatives-linked securities Securities lending & borrowing(SLB) Repo International transactions
ETF product information and return rate comparison information Subscription information, product information, return rate comparison of derivatives-linked securities SLB transaction volumes, average lending fee rates, etc. Repo transaction volumes, interest rates, etc. Ranking of foreign securities held by investors on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Benefits of SEIBro

  • Institutional and individual investors can obtain comprehensive and systemic securities information simply and conveniently from SEIBro through the internet for free.
  • In the past, KSD's website provided limited securities information subject to mandatory public announcement. SEIBro offers a much wider range of information, contributing to the capital market advancement and investor protection.

Other major services provided by SEIBro

  • IR114 (Online Investor Relations System)
    • IR114 supports the online investor relations (IR) activities of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and venture companies with limited IR opportunities.
    • Major users: Venture companies, small and medium-sized enterprises with Inno-Biz and Main-Biz certification, etc.
    • Using IR114: Visit the IR114 website ( and apply for access. After the application is accepted, IR information can be registered on the system.
    Step 01, Step 02, Step 03, Step 04
    Step 01 Step 02 Step 03 Step 04
    Application for use of service (IR114 user company) Acceptance of application (KSD manager) Registration of IR information (IR114 user company) Query and view information(All users)
  • Benefits
    • IR114 supports the IR activities of small and medium-sized companies and helps investors acquire information. This contributes to resolving information asymmetry between companies and investors.
    • OPEN API is a part of public data openness policy based on Government 3.0. Anyone wishing to utilize or reformat securities information can use the open API through a simple verification process.
    • Provided information: Seven categories of data including international transactions, financial terminology, corporate information, short-term securities, stocks, SLB, derivatives-linked securities.
    • Using OPEN API: Sign up on the public data portal (, then go to SEIBro OPEN API ( and create an account.

Procedure for using OPEN API

Step 01, Step 02, Step 03, Step 04, Step 05, Step 06
Step 01 Step 02 Step 03 Step 04 Step 05 Step 06
Sign up for OPEN API Apply for development account Authorize development account Issuance of service key Apply for operating account Authorize operating account