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Securities Information Management

KSD manages information received from issuers on securities issuance, rights exercise, and irregular securities. This information is used in the course of deposit and settlement operations, or provided to external parties after valorizing the information.

Securities information management service

Instruments, Features, Provision Method
Instruments Features Provision Method
The service covers most securities issued and traded in the capital market including stocks, bonds, CDs, CPs, electronic short-term bonds, derivatives-linked securities, and collective investment securities. KSD manages the following information.
  • Issuance information
  • Record date information for general meetings, dividends, paid-in capital increases, bonus issues, and mergers
  • Corporate actions information
Information is provided via SAFE+, KSD's webpage, and SEIBro; as well is in database form for use in proprietary systems of data vendors, financial institutions, etc.

Securities information management procedures

This diagram shows procedures for securities information management.

This diagram shows procedures for securities information management.

  • A. Information collection: Sources of information (issuers, agents of issuers, transfer agents) and reference (FSS(DART), KRX(ISIN, KIND), Supreme Court (public summons, judgment of nullification))
  • B. Information management : Collecting information through securities information management system, entering information into system (digitalization), and validating information by checking compatibility and finality
  • C. KSD operations
    1. a. SAFE+ provides information to KSD and participants.
    2. b. Information is provided to policy institutions, academic institutions, individual investors, etc. through SEIBro and KSD website.
    3. c. DB is provided to clients signed to information provision contracts through information provision business.

Benefits of the securities information management service

  • Participants and other financial institutions

    This service widely is used in managing client accounts, accounting, providing information for HTS, research, and statistical analysis.

  • Data vendors

    Data vendors can use this service to offer securities information to their clients through credit rating, pricing, and internet websites.