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AFSF Activities in 2015

  • ACG Regional Association Meeting during the WFC 2015 (May 2015)
    • KSD's Chairman & CEO, Dr. Jaehoon Yoo, presented the outline and progress of AFSF
  • ACG Cross Training Seminar (CTS) in Sri Lanka (May 2015)
    • The NBI TF session was moderated by KSD and 7 CSDs presented under the topic of "Standardization for the Asian fund Industry"
  • On-site Visits and Fund Platform Workshops
    • On-site Visits(May 2015) : Hong Kong, Thailand
    • Fund Platform Workshop(Sep 2015) : China, Japan, Taiwan
  • Survey of the Asian Fund Market (Jul. ~ Sep. 2015)
    • On October 18, 2014, Mr. Jaehoon Yoo, Chairman & CEO of Korea Securities Depository (KSD), proposed forming the Asia Fund Standardization Forum(AFSF) to discuss back-office standardization in the Asian fund industry at the 18th ACG General Meeting in Xi'an, China.
    • Asian CSDs recognized the potential necessity of collaborative roles and efforts to establish back-office standards in the early stage of Asian fund market integration, and agreed to form AFSF.