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Fund Servicing

KSD does all sorts of business related to an investment company’s management consigned by mutual fund. Additionally, KSD calculates net asset value of funds including mutual funds. In these ways, KSD provides back office services in the asset management market.

Offering services

  • Foundation, registration, and liquidation service for mutual funds

    This service includes the foundation of mutual funds under the commercial law, the registration of it in Financial Services Commission, and the liquidation work due to expiration of duration.

  • Management of mutual funds

    KSD deals with the administrative works arising from the management of mutual funds. The works include calling and managing a board of directors and a general meeting.

  • Calculating net asset value and providing accounting service

    KSD calculates net asset value for the funds such as mutual funds and investment trusts.

  • Making and developing various reports

    KSD makes sales report of fund’s management details and report on final accounts. Also, KSD develops and provides needful reports.

  • Management support suitable for collective investment companies' and institutional investors' need

    KSD provides the service such as management information which includes transaction details of collective investment asset, compliance, order management, risk management, and performance valuation.

The benefits of KSD’s fund servicing

  • It helps investment advisory companies’ market attachment and growth.
  • It assists stable and efficient asset management work for institutional investors and pension funds.
  • It protects investors and gives the ground for investment by calculating exact net asset value of fund.