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Agent Services Information

Paying Agent Service

KSD as paying agent receives early redemption, maturity redemption and interest payment requests and payment details on behalf of the issuer and then notifies them to the issuer. After receiving funds from the issuer, KSD transfers funds to noteholders through the International Central Securities Depository(ICSD). KSD also offers payment service for early redemption request by a company and checks outstanding bonds/warrants balance with the common depositary.

Paying Agent Service

  • Paying Agent Services
  • ① An ICSD on behalf of bondholders requests the payment of early redemption, maturity redemption, and interests to KSD
    as the paying agent.
  • ② KSD as the paying agent notifies the requests of bondholders to the issuer and notifies the details of payment to the ICSD.
  • ③ The issuer transfers funds to the bank designated by KSD.
  • ④~⑥ KSD instructs the bank to transfer the funds to the ICSD on behalf of the issuer.