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Agent Services Information

Custody Service

KSD offers custody and delivery services for shares to be exchanged for EBs. Corporations may issue bonds that entitle holders to exchange the bonds with securities held by the issuers. The issuers shall deposit with KSD the securities to be exchanged until the exchange period expires or until there are requests for exchange. KSD holds the securities marked as trusted property.

Custody Service

  • Custody Service
  • ① An ICSD on behalf of bondholders requests to exchange the bonds into shares to KSD and instructs the local custodians
    to receive the relevant shares from KSD.
  • ② KSD notifies the requests of the bondholders to the issuer.
  • ③ The issuer instructs KSD to transfer the relevant shares to the bondholders.
  • ④ KSD transfers the shares to the local custodians of the bondholders according to the issuer’s instructions.