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KSD was established in response to the rapid growth of the Korean securities market in the 1970s which necessitated a stable and efficient facility for securities deposit and settlement.

The 5th amendment to the Securities and Exchange Act (SEA) on February 6, 1973 provided the legal grounds for implementing a securities deposit and settlement system. This led to the establishment of the Korea Securities Settlement Corporation (KSSC) on December 6, 1974.

The 11th amendment to the SEA on December 17, 1993 called for the KSSC to be transformed into a special public organization. The amendment provided a solid legal foundation for KSD as the sole central securities depository (CSD) of Korea.

On April 25, 1994, Korea Securities Depository (KSD) was established as a special public organization and diversified ownership structure to contribute to the reliability of the CSD and strengthen public confidence. KSD’s roles and functions were also enhanced: international services became available to investors, and it became the designator of eligible securities.

World class securities services provider, KSD has contributed to reducing social logistics costs and improving the efficiency and stability of the Korean securities market in its role as a CSD.


  • 2010s
    30 AUG 2016
    S-INVEST system construction completed in Indonesia
    23 AUG 2016
    Licenced as Electronic Securities Registrar
    14 MAR 2016
    ISA-Net Service launched
    14 DEC 2015
    Launch of PensionClear System
    09 JUL 2015
    DVP System for RMB Denominated Bonds Launched
    27 JAN 2015
    Commencement of the legal entity identifier (LEI) issuance service
    03 DEC 2014
    Market Capitalization of Deposited Securities Surpasses KRW 3,000 trillion
    14 NOV 2014
    Relocation of Headquarters to Busan
    17 MAR 2014
    Custody and Settlement Service for Gold Spot Market Launched
    02 OCT 2013
    Licensed as CCP for Institutional Settlement of Equity
    03 JUL 2013
    Commencement of settlement operations for KONEX market
    25 APR 2013
    Launch of Securities Information Portal SEIBro
    15 JAN 2013
    Launch of electronic short-term bond system
    10 OCT 2012
    Begins Indenture Trustee service
    16 JAN 2012
    New Securities Settlement System is lauched
    02 NOV 2011
    KSD hosts 15th General Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group
    07 FEB 2011
    KSD's next generation IT system SAFE+ goes live
    23 AUG 2010
    Electronic voting system K-evote is launched
  • 2000s
    01 SEP 2009
    Launches service link between KSD’s FundNet and Omgeo
    27 APR 2009
    Electronic voting system K-evote is launched
    27 NOV 2008
    Signs MOU with Omgeo to establish a global investment support system
    15 MAY 2008
    Signs first KDR depositary with Japanese corporation (T's Future)
    23 APR 2008
    Becomes chairing nation in the Group of Experts on Cross-border Bond Transactions and Settlement Issues under ASEAN+3 Finance Ministers' Meeting
    22 NOV 2007
    Korean depositary receipts (KDR) issued for the first time (Huafeng Textile International Group Limited)
    15 OCT 2007
    Market value of securities deposited at KSD surpasses KRW 2,000 trillion
    04 APR 2004
    Launch of FundNet platform for indirect investment deposit and settlement
    01 APR 2004
    Begins National Housing Bonds issuance through registration
    17 DEC 2003
    Market value of securities deposited at KSD surpasses KRW 1,000 trillion
    14 OCT 2003
    Secured call management services launched
    25 AUG 2000
    Investment fund administration services launched
  • 1990s
    01 NOV 1999
    Tri-party repo services launched
    24 MAY 1999
    Begins substitute securities management service for futures transaction
    01 SEP 1997
    Commercial paper (CP) deposit service is implemented
    01 APR 1997
    Certificate of deposit (CD) deposit service implemented
    02 SEP 1996
    Begins securities lending and borrowing intermediary service
    25 APR 1994
    Re-establishment into Korea Securities Depository
    15 SEP 1993
    Authorized as a registrar for public and corporate bonds
    01 APR 1992
    Begins management of Uniform Securities Certificate Forms
    23 FEB 1990
    Begins custody services for Korean securities issued overseas
  • 1970s ~ 1980s
    30 APR 1985
    Consecutive Deposit System is implemented
    JAN 1980
    Commences centralized deposit of securities
    06 APR 1975
    Commences Transfer Agent service
    30 DEC 1974
    Authorization of Separate Safe Custody service
    06 DEC 1974
    Korea Securities Settlement Corporation (KSSC) is founded